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A man with a beautiful voice, a God-given talent in music writing, a unique ministry through message and song, is just to name a few of Willie Joubert’s special talents that he gladly shares with the world out there.

Willie has been in a Gospel Music Ministry for more than twenty consecutive years and he is still just as passionate about the wonderful tool God has given him to touch lives all around the world.

As one of South- Africa’s most renowned singers and writers he is also a formal recording artist and has given out 14 albums proclaiming God’s love and grace. Willie’s hometown is called Parys, situated in South-Africa, but he tours throughout South Africa and many other countries including the United Stated, with his ministry.

The heartbeat of Willie’s ministry revolves around worship, intimacy with God and always has one mission, which is to help others discover the Light of the World, Jesus Christ.

At the tender age of fifteen, Willie gave his heart to the Lord and because of this life changing experience he decided to dedicate his whole life to ministering the Word of God through music.

He has written many songs that powerfully conveys the message of salvation. One of these songs, There is a River, was recorded on an album called Worship Around The World, which was released in 32 different countries.

Willie considers himself blessed to be happily married to his wife, Natasha, who also travels and ministers with him. Natasha has also been blessed with a wonderful singing talent and a heart for people. She is the reigning Mrs United Nation SA and Mrs United Nation International queen, which also makes her a voice for the needy all around South Africa. She is involved with a lot of community work which includes among many, visits to orphanages and prisons. Natasha also has a unique ministry especially touching women and teenage girls trough motivational message and song.


Together Willie and Natasha form a very powerful team impacting thousands of lives through their unique ministry. The special love that they have for each other and the rich experience of their lives together especially touches other marriages, and serves as a living testimony of what God has in store for each one of us through the unconditional love of our spouse.

To experience Willie when he is singing and ministering is an unforgettable experience. He sings and ministers with so much passion that people are really touched by God’s love and compassion for them.

Willie strongly believes that he is not called for “entertainment” but that his music is a wonderful tool to help him do what he feels called to do, to preach the gospel.

It is Willie and Natasha’s desire to shine the light of Jesus Christ through everything they do and everything they are. They believe that in living your full potential as a human being you are glorifying God, which is the ultimate goal of a life here on earth.

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